Cim W. Trifius
Headmaster Cim wishes to remain anonymous at this present point in time










Order, power, women, chocolate, peace, magic, patient people, respect, punctuality


Failing a mission, arguments, putting other's life at risk, troublemakers, bad jokes, drunkenness


To die in solitude and to be forgotten


To make history through his work as the headmaster of Funender Garden, and to make the world a better place.

Personality Edit

Silent and serious, Cim William Trifius often acts as the perfect leader, even if it's not the whole truth. He has a taste for drama and likes to talk in mysterious ways when teaching the young cadets of the Garden, either to scare or confuse them. He does care about the cadet's future, however, and supports them almost 100% in whatever they do – as long as they stick to the rules set by himself.

History Edit

Born into a fairly rich family of merchants and raised in Galbadian territory, Cim quickly learned to appreciate the power and luxury of the higher society. His parents, however, were not keen on their son's lazy lifestyle and so they sent him to the military cademy in Galbadia, for him to become a “real man”, as his father put it. Cim honoured their wish and started his training as a SeeD at Galbadia Garden. Spending the next seven years at the academy, Cim evolved from a spoiled, young man into a more admirable and serious person.

When he had attained the highest possible rank for any SeeD, Cim travelled to Balamb Garden where he took his exam to become an Instructor. Magic had always fascinated him, and so, Balamb Garden was the perfect place for him to be. Eventually, Cim was offered the spot as the new headmaster of a smaller academy named after it's rich benefactor Mr. Funender. This change of job became a rise in power which Cim greatly welcomed without any second thoughts. It would soon become apparent, though, that the job as headmaster was not only a glorious one – only through hard work would Cim be able to hold on to his new position.