"I sense much power in you, young SeeD."
— Headmaster Cim
Death Penalty
Death Penalty wishes to remain anonymous at this present point in time. Maybe.








Buster Sword


Relaxing, Travelling, Music, Training, Fighting.


Impudence, Ignorance, Lack of discipline, Disrespect, cereal.


Claustrophobic, Scared of heights.


To lead a squad of SeeDs on important and debonair missions. To eventually become a decorated military commander who garners respect from everyone with enough sense to fear him.

Personality Edit

Calm, measured and humorous. Takes time with things and measures each detail meticulously. Very level headed and enjoys leadership and responsibility. Thrives under compliments and his hard work being acknowledged. However, has a slightly dark streak, gains slight pleasure from inflicting pain when it is justified. Lives inwardly maybe a bit to much.

History Edit

Death Penalty was raised in a small town by his birth parents until the age of 6, was abandoned for unknown reasons. Lived off the streets and crusts from people's plates until he was old enough to become an agile thief. Learned from street urchins the value of a buck and was caught picking the pocket of Head Master Cim during one of The headmasters outings. Cim took a shine to his speechcraft and agility and offered to recruit him.

Appearance Edit

Height 5'11", Weight 80 kgs, Solid, Dark hair, crystal-blue eyes.

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