"I sense... chocolate pie???... in you, young Instructor"
— Headmaster Cim
Kikiyo Atsumi
Instructor Atsumi wishes to remain anonymous at this present point in time. Either that or she is unable to stay in one spot long enough to actually get a picture taken










Offensive/Black Magic, Respect, Dolls, Magic Theory, Draw Theory, Chocolate Pie, Musicians, Cats, Moogles, Dogs, any other furry thing, Cactaurs, Arrogant Students (to torture them), Humble Students (to coddle them one day and torture them the next), Transformations, Illusions


White Magic, Disrespect, Machina Theory, Scroll Enlightenment Theory, Not Getting Her Way, Being Hated, Idiots, Non-sentient Artificial Lifeforms, Janitors


"People will hate me.", "My students won't be ready for the real world."


"I will get to transform someone each day." "People will love me." "My students will be the most prepared students in history." "The Instructor's lunch will include a slice of chocolate pie."

Personality Edit

Kikiyo is crazy. Completely and utterly insane. She always seems to be in a manic mood, always happy. If she is ever for a second unhappy; watch out because she is going to find some way of finding enjoyment, even if it is at your expense. She acts like she takes pleasure from the pain of her students but deep down she really cares about their well-being in the long-term. People who know her well know that she will really do almost anythng for the sake of her friends or her students, but as long as they aren't in danger, she thinks it is best that she "livens up" their lives so that she can keep them on their toes. She has some problems entirely relying on others for anything and usually demands that she play some sort of a part to make sure that things get done.

History Edit

Born and raised in a rich family, Kikiyo lived a life of luxury for most of her live believing that nothing could ever harm her. When her family was on an expensive trip, however, her parents were killed by a giant wurm of some sort because they were so confident that their bodyguards would rush over and save them, but they hadn't been paying attention because their bodyguards had been slowed. Though slowed, they did reach the wurm in time to kill it and save Kikiyo. Kikiyo then went mad, her perfect world with no worries or fears, shattered, so she learned from then on from the best teachers in Dark magic and Drawing. Also, in order to keep the environment around her one that amused her and kept her happy, she learned spells to transform and create illusions. Now, because of her previous unawareness of the dangerousness of the world, Kikiyo will put the fear of Ultima into these strapping young SeeDs.