Official Funender Garden Rules Edit

1. All rules presented in the 'real' rules section on has to be followed.

2. No graffiti, smoking or drinking in the classrooms.

3. Violent behaviour towards other cadets, Instructors and other staff is not allowed.

4. Physical fights without the permission of a leading character (HM, Instructor, vice HM, etc) other places than the training facilities is not allowed.

5. Annoying others (for real) in the topics is not allowed. It’s okay to have fun (that’s the whole idea) but don’t spam the topics either.

6. Please don't make topics which have nothing to do with the Garden.

7. No-one is invinsible so therefore NO god-moding.

8. The Garden is also the place for you to be creative, but I'd higly prefer if you contact me first before making any drastic changes!

9. Keep off-topic chats and questions out of the RPG-threads - if you need to, then put them in ( ) or [ ]

10. Do not post in threads where the title start with ‘PAST ADVENTURES’ – this means it’s closed and shouldn’t be meddled with. It also goes for the following topics: "The Wise Janitor", "Power Control 1st Term" and "Martial Arts - Self Defense (1st course)".

11. Not a rule, as much as good advice... The way I play the RPG - it was a thing I decided from the start of the group, mind you - is in "present time" with the following symbols:

“ and ” whenever a person is talking ( and ) if you say something unrelated to the RP or have a question which is not asked in the lesson

  • and * When taking an action.

12. You are not allowed to post in the RPG topics if I haven't accepted your Profile (or if you haven't PM'ed it to me).

  • Note: The ruleset might be updated if required.