"I sense fire in you, young SeeD"
— Headmaster Cim
Wing Zero
Wing Zero wishes to remain anonymous at this present point in time.










Rock music, having fun, friends, jokes, pizza!


Rap, being bored, nasty food, cockroaches jumping from the ceiling onto his shoulder, people automatically assuming they're the best person in the world.


Shots/needles/vaccines, dying without having had a meaningful life.


To become the best SeeD there is, to see the entire world and beyond.

Personality Edit

Most people would consider him odd, strange or at least different, often spends time alone, and doesn't mind doing so, but still likes hanging around friends, though shy and quiet at first, he'll open up easier once you get to know him. Never afraid to help and will easily offer his help when he deems it necessary, hard working person and determined to put his all in what he'll do.

History Edit

Wing was born in a city, went to school like most other kids at the age of 4 and had a decent, normal, life. often got picked on in school because of his personality, but by the time he was 8 he was taught how to defend himself from getting harmed, learning how to fight back against bullies he swore to himself to defend those who'd need it no matter what the cost would be, which is the reason he joined the garden, believing it would be the best way to make a difference in the world, hoping that his actions and skills taught at the garden would help to eradicate war. On his journey to find the garden by the age of 16 he's seen many things, villages where people lived in fear of oppressors, other places where people lived in poverty and barely managed to buy food for the evening. On one particular night he went into a cave to find shelter for the night, once he made a campfire he found a strange egg, it was warm when he got near. it wasn't placed in a nest like ordinary eggs, nor any other birds in the area protecting it, so he took the egg, and took it closer to the fire, the closer he got, the warmer the egg became, and by the time he was back to where he was planning to sleep he had to put the egg down before it would burn his hands. He watched over the egg for a long time, every day waiting to see any birds to come and pick it up, but none came, till one day the egg started to move, and in amazement, Wing was one of the few people to witness the birth of a phoenix. Naturally the phoenix saw Wing as it's parents because he was the only one around, wing called it "Kasei" meaning fire-born and they've been together ever since. With the katana on his back and Kasei by his side he finally found the garden to register for SeeD training.